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“Taking Over” is the latest EP by the rock band Sunday Brave. Fresh off the release is the self-titled track, laced with clear and confrontational vocals and razor-sharp guitars that yield an effective kind of production magic.

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Measuring up to New Jersey’s long history of being the grooming grounds for many legendary rock artists, Sunday Brave is a band that wears this banner of dexterity well. read more here…

Take a simple and groovesome riff, underpin it with a confident, direct beat and a bass line that is content to drive rather than deviate into showboatery. Throw in a guitar solo that serves the song rather than the ego and top it all off with a vocal that is warm and evocative. Seems simple? Well, here comes the clever bit. read more here…



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Come together beatles cover

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genie in a bottle cover by christina aguilera

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taking over by sunday brave live in studio


Sunday Brave